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Wasp information

The most common types of wasp in the UK are the common or social wasp, and the German wasp. They are approximately 10-20mm long with distinctive yellow and black striping with two pairs of wings. The queen wasp will emerge in mid April to construct the beginning of the nest, and the workers start to hatch, so by late summer numbers may be up to 30,000.


Wasp stings can be painful and life threatening to those who are allergic to the sting, in whom it may cause an anaphylactic reaction. Take care when dealing with wasps. A single wasp indoors may be treated with a wasp/fly spray. However if larger numbers are seen it is likely that there is a nest nearby. One nest can contain thousands of wasps, and if disturbed the wasps can attack in large numbers. Nests can vary in size and if located it is advisable to have them treated as early as possible as the wasps will become more aggressive later in the summer.


The primary control is proofing of doors and windows, cleaning up of any spillages of foods especially sweet foods and keeping lids on rubbish bins etc. Observing to see where the nest is, and prompt treatment by professionals. You will require only one visit.

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