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Mole information

Moles are present in all of mainland Britain. They are found wherever there is suitable soil for tunnelling this includes gardens, playing fields, parks and agricultural land. Moles live exclusively underground in tunnels, feeding mainly on worms and slugs. They move around their tunnels in four hour periods of digging, followed by four hour periods of rest, they tend to be most active around sunrise and sunset. They usually have one litter of young per year. The most obvious sign of moles is the appearance of mole hills which are heaps of loose soil on the surface of the ground.


The main caution is the damage to agricultural land. If the soil from the molehills is included in silage it can make the silage poor quality and is a possible cause of disease in livestock. Molehills can also be problematic on sports fields and golf course where it can be expensive to rectify, and causes damage to machinery.


We primarily use the traditional trapping technique, and you will require a minimum of 2-3 visits

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