Ants live in colonies which will be up to a million strong, all of which will live together in one nest. There are a huge number of species of ants, most of which are tropical.

In order to deal with small numbers of ants, DIY products may be appropriate, however for large colonies, particularly pharaoh ants which may be living in multiple colonies professional pest control would be advised, as if treated inappropriately the problem will be escalated.

XPest Ltd has all the necessary knowledge in order to deal with all your ant problems and queries, so for further information or advice please give us a call on 07730 236122.


Moths do not necessarily cause any health problems, however once established in your home they can do a huge amount of damage to your belongings including, clothing and carpets etc.

Moths like to find dark undisturbed areas in your home, where they will lay their eggs.

If you have a small problem then DIY products may be appropriate, however if they have become established or you have a large infestation, you may require professional help, so give us a call on 07730 236122.

Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetle come in many shapes and sizes, however they most commonly look like ladybirds but black or brown and yellow or white rather than red and black. They are approximately 2-3mm long.

Usually the adults live outside and are therefore not a problem, until the late summer time when they will try to make their way indoors to lay their eggs, on any natural fibres carpets, curtains etc. They can do huge amounts of damage to these soft furnishings so for professional advice and treatment please call us on 07730 236122


There are many different species of flies, the most common you area likely to contact us about is the cluster fly. These appear in late autumn and congregate usually on south facing walls to try and hibernate for the winter there may be huge numbers which is why they can be problematic. So if you have any problems with these or any other sort of fly, please give us a call on 07730 236122.


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Cockroach information

German Cockroach: Chocolate brown in colour with yellow brown thorax and two dark brown stripes,12-15mm in length.

Oriental Cockroach: Dark brown or black in colour and shiny, 17-30mm in length.


Known to carry pathogenic bacteria, also damage to foodstuffs. Infestations are taken very seriously by environmental health departments


Cockroach traps to monitor the extent of the infestation, strict cleaning routine and the use of cockroach baits and residual insecticide.

We can offer a complete Cockroach control service so, if you require further information or to arrange a visit please call 07730 236122.

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