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Bed bug information

Bed bugs are becoming a more common problem nowadays in the UK and around the world due to the increase in travel. Bed bugs can travel on luggage and clothing, and are one of the most difficult pests to control. Bed bugs can spread very easily and there is a general lack of awareness of what they are and how to spot them.

Bed bugs are small, anything up to 4mm in length and reddy brown in colour.

Their habitat can include mattresses and beds, crevices in walls, flooring, carpets, light fittings, sockets and peeling wallpaper (extra care should be taken to look at the junctions where the headboard connects to the bed)

Because of this treating them can be extremely difficult. Bed bugs feed at night; they detect body heat and inject saliva which causes the swelling and irritation.


To get rid of bed bugs is extremely difficult and is best done by professionals. The area has to be clear of people. Areas to be treated include all bed areas, mattresses do not have to be destroyed unless the bed bugs are inside. All bed frames, cracks and crevices need to be sprayed. Linen, clothing etc needs to be cleaned at 60 degrees or dry cleaned. It should also be remembered not to remove anything from the infected area as you may transfer the bedbugs with the items being moved, further treatment may be required after approximately 6 weeks depending on the level of infestation.

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We can offer a fast efficient service for your flea problem. So for further information or to arrange a visit please give us a call on 07730 236122

Flea information

Fleas are a common problem, particularly in homes or businesses where there are cats and dogs. They can also be found when moving into a new house where there have been pets in the past as the pupa can remain dormant if not stimulated by vibration for several months. The most common is the cat flea, they are approximately 2-3 mm long and brown or red in colour. Cat fleas will bite humans, they can bite anywhere but most commonly on the lower legs and feet.


Fleas can transmit disease but this is extremely rare, the biggest problem is the flea bite to humans and pets. The bite is usually felt straight away and is very itchy. Children can be affected more often than adults.


Seek regular advice and treatment from your vet if you have pets. Be vigilant about checking your pet for signs of fleas.
Regular vacuuming of furnishings that your pet uses will help prevent fleas becoming established. Wash your pets bedding regularly at 60 degrees centigrade or above for at least 10 minutes.

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